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3/14 - Exec Board Update II - Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Dear RESPA Member:

The RUSD School Board met tonight and decided to keep schools closed through April 3rd, with students returning Monday, April 6th.

Presently Classified employees will continue to work their contract hours, returning to work as scheduled.

RESPA President Gladys Kershall and Vice-President John Havard were in attendance at the Emergency Board Meeting and spoke to the RUSD Board about the union’s ongoing concerns, for both the physical health and safety of our members and the impact school closings would have financially for our members.

A Demand to Bargain letter was sent to Superintendent Arellano this evening which will initiate discussion regarding safety, work load and  other member related concerns. Please know that we fully comprehend the impact the RUSD School Board’s decision will have on those of us with unexpected childcare issues. We ask for your patience as we address all these issues.

While RESPA holds the health and safety of our students as the highest priority, we also must reiterate our primary responsibility, which is to represent our members.

We will continue to update our members as we have additional information.

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