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1/11/21 - NEA RA - State Candidates Declaration Forms

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Good Afternoon RESPA members and welcome back,

If anyone is interesting in running for State NEA RA, governance and the Service Center Council will discuss and coordinate soon regarding State NEA RA elections. The 2021 RA this year, will be virtual; however, NEA and CTA will make an official announcement at some point. Therefore, if you are interested in being considered a state candidate, please submit your declaration electronically by January 29, 2021. It is easy and quick. Paper form can be obtained from your CTA Educator magazine. All paper forms must be emailed to Please do not forget to include your CTA membership number is on the form before submitting, it is very important. Use the link below. It is easy and quick. This will expedite the process. This is not a local NEA RA election. RESPA’s NEA RA election will soon follow along with the upcoming Executive Board positions up for election for 2021.

Have a great week.

Regards, Gladys

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