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3/16 - Exec Board Update - Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear RESPA Member,

We wanted to update you and let you know what we know:

1: As of this moment, most classified staff remains off. There are a very few Classified staff (Fiscal Services is one) who are working staggered shifts.

2: The intention AT THIS MOMENT is that 11 month flex and 12 month classified staff will return to work Wednesday, 3/18/20; AT THIS MOMENT 10 month employees are scheduled to return to work 3/30/20 and AT THIS MOMENT students are scheduled to return 4/6/20.

3: All trips (sports, spring break field trips, etc.) have been cancelled. All drivers have been or will be notified today.

4: We heard you regarding childcare issues the third week of school closures. Please know we understand this causes an issue and will absolutely be bringing this concern to the District.

5: We heard you (custodial) regarding safety while doing your disinfectant tasks. According to the CDC the Coronavirus can survive on surfaces for a maximum of 72 hours. By delaying the start day of your work to Wednesday you have allowed 96 hours to go by where no one was at your site who could be considered contagious. You must continue to use gloves and standard safety procedures, of course.

Things to remember:

1: If you are able, check on your neighbor, reach out to the people you love. Just because we are not right with someone doesn’t mean we can’t let them know we are thinking of them. FaceTime; text, call; Skype. These are the good parts of technology.

2: There is nothing more constant than change. Be a flexible thinker! Try to figure out what you can do rather than focusing on what you can’t.

3: Know that WE KNOW this constant uncertainty makes us all a little nervous. We are working daily with RUSD Admin. to figure out the safest and best strategies for our members.

4: Check your district email, Facebook, Twitter often for updates. And always refer to our website

Stay well and remember,

We are RESPA Family

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